Understanding Probate In Florida

If you are like most people, the word "probate" is a bit frightening. It might remind you that your life is fleeting. You might be currently experiencing the loss of a loved one. Maybe you have heard one too many times the warning to avoid it at all costs.

Probate is simply a legal process. It has its benefits and consequences. Our estate planning attorney at Tannenbaum Scro has significant experience with estate planning and administration in Florida. She can help you determine which assets should avoid probate, how to reduce the risk of will contests and other matters.

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Should You Try To Avoid Probate?

Everyone talks about avoiding probate. Under many circumstances, this is a beneficial option. Probate can be a slow and costly process depending on state law, the size of an estate, whether anyone has contested the will and other factors. Avoiding probate can help you reduce costs and the time it takes for asset to be distributed to beneficiaries.

For many people without factors that complicate the process, there is simply no need to avoid probate. Probate also has benefits. For example, a probate judge can act as a referee in situations involving disputes. Creditors also have a limited time in which they can file a claim against the estate, making it nearly impossible for them to collect later.

If You Need Assistance With Probate

We not only help individuals plan for probate, but we also provide assistance during probate. If you have been named the personal representative or executor of an estate, we can help you understand and fulfill your legal duties.

If you are a beneficiary who has an issue with a will or distribution, we can help you raise your challenge in probate court.

Schedule A Consultation With Our Lawyer

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